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Black Mountain offers a suite of best-practice investment management solutions that drive efficiency, transparency, and compliance. Configured to your specific requirements, our platform aggregates data from proprietary and third party systems and data sources, giving investment professionals the ability to make highly informed decisions.

Black Mountain’s Integrated Platform

Unlike custom-built software, Black Mountain offers low-risk and rapid deployment of fully supported solutions for all asset classes. Black Mountain also provides the flexibility to conform, adapt, and grow with changing company, market, and regulatory needs.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Fully supported solutions for all asset classes with the flexibility to conform, adapt and grow with changing company, market, and regulatory needs.

  • Provides data aggregation across multiple portfolios and asset types enabling users to customize dashboards and reporting analytics
  • Provides access to all relevant portfolio and credit information needed to manage the portfolios
  • Offers real-time integration to trading and investment activity, enhancing the ability to analyze cash, committed, ordered, or forward portfolio exposures
  • Provides intuitive functionality, including on-screen drag-and-drop, with embedded graphics and calculation engines
  • Performs yield calculations against forward curves and other customizable analytics
  • Allows user to create, model and compare portfolios and indices against each other

Key Benefits

Bring dozens of disparate data sources into one unified environment and produce valuable portfolio and market insights through in-depth analysis of aggregated data.

Configurable Views

  • View positions across and within multiple portfolios and strategies
  • Sort and analyze data using all available data points
  • Create custom graphs and reports without the need to involve IT resources

Data Aggregation

  • Centralize all information
  • Provide access to integrated documents, related to portfolio data, with a simple mouse click
  • Integrate and import third party sources as often as desired


  • Monitor investment pricing and yield
  • Review industry comparables
  • Review watch-listed credits and securities
  • Configure custom alerts based on any data or rule so that the system can provide notifications on triggers, concerns or key events

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Trade Order Management

Trade Order Management

Black Mountain’s Trade Order Management solution (or OMS) improves trading efficiency by organizing the daily workflows associated with global trading of all asset classes including Debt, Equities, ABS/MBS, FX, Swaps, and other derivatives.

  • Supports a comprehensive set of global investment instruments with a built-in security modeling tool, foreign exchange support and integration to proprietary and third party security masters
  • Offers highly configurable trade workflow, data, documentation and reporting that coordinates trading between the Portfolio Manager, Trader and the Middle Office
  • Automates trade allocations subject to configurable portfolio compliance requirements and allocation methodologies
  • Integrates natively with compliance engine to offer real time compliance at all stages of trade life cycle
  • FIX connectivity enables two-way integration with third-party trade execution and settlement platforms

Key Benefits

Drive efficiency, transparency, and compliance in your trading operations, by eliminating redundancy and manual data entry.

Custom Order Processing

  • Supports all asset classes
  • Offers the ability to modify the workflow for each asset class
  • Provides unlimited data capture for any security master or trade element
  • Utilizes flexible rules engine to enhance data validation and event notification
  • Handles the complexity of alternative asset classes such as loan strips, multi-legged swap trades, repos, and other derivatives

Configurable Trade Blotter

  • Offers completely configurable trade blotter, including custom blotters for unique asset classes and job roles
  • Provides real-time integration of available cash and compliance status
  • Applies rule-based allocations with override capability
  • Offers web and mobile accessibility

Straight-Through Processing

  • Offers comprehensive back office connectivity
  • Connect directly with brokers and execution management systems via FIX
  • Connect directly with settlement systems (e.g. Oasys)
  • Push alerts and notifications to related parties or dependent systems

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Black Mountain’s Compliance Solution is designed to manage a broad range of compliance processes.

  • Reports real-time capacities across each fund for every asset and rule, pre- and post- trading
  • Validates real-time compliance results instantaneously across all funds and provides automatic breach notifications
  • Provides cross-portfolio hypothetical trade capability, historical compliance analysis, model portfolios, and side-by-side comparison of scenarios
  • Offers extensive test library including all industry standard tests for CLO, CLO 2.0, 40 Act, and Muni fund types
  • Utilizes rules engine that can handle any rule type, regardless of complexity
  • Offers restriction capabilities for trades, issuers, assets, and counterparties
  • Provides fully audited results with compliance breach and cure management workflows
  • Offers automated and customizable summary and detail reports and dashboards
  • Schedules compliance trend reporting
  • Offers web and mobile capabilities
  • Allows users to stand up their own funds and make test revisions/additions independently

Key Benefits

We enable compliance professionals to manage all aspects of compliance, including trading, fund and regulatory compliance.

Compliance Management

  • Configurable fund compliance rules such as collateral quality and coverage tests
  • Configurable trade compliance rules such as best execution and inter-portfolio trading limitations
  • Restricted list management and enforcement
  • Available for any fund type including CLO and CLO 2.0, 40 Act, SMAs, and Muni Funds


  • View all compliance results across all funds in real-time
  • See audit trail for all changes made to data/rules and by whom
  • Receive automated alerts when key metrics change
  • View compliance results at any stage of the trade life cycle and end-of-day

Reporting Capabilities

  • Monitor trading capacities for all tradable investments based on all compliance rules
  • Utilize hypothetical trades, baskets, and scenario analysis
  • View real-time and historical compliance results
  • Generate automated reports based on configured rules

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Research Management

Research Management

Stop relying on email and Excel to manage distribution of internal research and commentary or having research that isn’t integrated with your current trading activity and exposures.

  • Manages investment pipeline, review, decision making, approval and monitoring processes with all relevant data and documents in a single location
  • Defines alerts to pro-actively manage relevant data gaps
  • Integrates with existing Excel models, financial spreadsheets, and third–party data such as ratings, pricing, security masters and financials
  • Captures, organizes and reports analyst credit and industry commentary, underwriting analysis, investment rational and updates, documents, and reporting events
  • Provides configurable views and reports of quantitative and qualitative portfolio credit data and business-process flows
  • Integrates with all Black Mountain solutions, as well as third party systems and data services, allowing analysts to leverage an even broader set of features and data in their daily routines

Key Benefits

Black Mountain provides an integrated solution that streamlines the collection and distribution of your firm’s research and integrates it with your investment and trading activities.

Investment Analysis

  • Capture and expose industry and credit information to the right members of your team
  • Attach documents or link to existing network folders to provide context-sensitive access to all relevant information
  • Understand the what, when, why of all investment decisions with access to audited history
  • Track deals that you passed on, not just the deals you invested in

Financial Performance

  • Integrate with your existing custom Excel models, regardless of complexity
  • Integrate third party feeds to augment analyst entered data
  • Create and filter financial trends and comparable performance views
  • Populate watch lists and trigger alerts as financials are uploaded
  • Immediately identify and address data gaps across the entire organization


  • Automate deal pipeline, investment approval and monitoring reports
  • Eliminate the need to re-key data and compile data from disparate sources
  • Create, save and share ad-hoc views and reports based on real-time data

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Direct Lending

Direct Lending

Black Mountain’s Direct Lending solution is designed around collecting, organizing, and reporting a high volume of disparate data, and governing complex business processes.

  • Manages deal pipelines, underwriting, approval and monitoring processes with all relevant data and documents in a single location
  • Integrates with Excel financial models and third party data services to provide ratings, pricing, asset and financial data
  • Captures and organizes underwriting analysis, investment rational and credit updates along with documents and event alerts to proactively manage data gaps
  • Provides configurable views and reports of both quantitative and qualitative portfolio, credit and process information
  • Integrates with other Black Mountain solutions including Portfolio dashboards and reports, Trade Order Management, and Compliance, allowing investment teams to leverage a broad set of features and data in daily routines

Key Benefits

Our solution has been specifically designed to address any and all direct lending challenges.

Deal Management

  • Capture all relevant information at the right point in the process with unlimited workflow and data modeling capabilities
  • Manage data requirements and alerts with powerful rules engine
  • Create and distribute deal pipeline, investment approval and monitor reports
  • Attach documents or link to existing network folders to provide context sensitive access to all relevant information

Financials & Covenants

  • Integrate with existing custom Excel models, regardless of complexity
  • Create and filter financial trends and comparable performance views
  • Configure covenant calculations unique to each deal
  • Populate watch lists and trigger alerts as financials are uploaded

Reporting & CRM

  • Preserve and aggregate analysts’ commentary across all credits
  • Quickly scan for high priority commentary across entire portfolio using aggregate panel
  • Manage contacts and conversations with CRM

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Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Black Mountain provides you with a tool for historical analysis while relieving you of the storage and security responsibility.

  • Consolidates holdings, security master, and transactional data into a single repository, enabling flexible time-series and point-in-time reporting
  • Centralizes third-party feeds in their native state from any number of systems, enabling single-source, enterprise-wide reporting
  • Provides fully customizable solution allowing base entities to be extended and additional storage structures to be created to meet each customer’s specific needs
  • Stores data with enough granularity to allow for flexible time-series and point-in-time reporting
  • Replaces Excel and email processes with a robust solution
  • Orchestrates and manages processes that involve multiple systems and individuals
  • Allows user to model any workflow and create any dashboard, alert, or report to monitor processes

Key Benefits

Extract, transform, and load data sets from any number of systems to bring positions, cash, trading, pricing, security master, and index data together according to any end-user specifications.

Data Consolidation

  • Import data from any file type or data source
  • Track original file and results based on ETL modifications
  • Extend the data model without modifying software
  • Capture any number of time series feeds such as intra day, end of day, month end, etc.

Import Strategy

  • Consolidate data from an endless number of systems and data services
  • Transform and normalize the data to enterprise needs
  • Determine the right source for your “gold copy” based on a configurable rules engine

Data Integrity

  • Augment automated feeds with rule-based alerts for data gaps or other anomalies
  • Define rules to limit manual intervention and alert managers when intervention is needed

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Performance Attribution

Performance Attribution

As a robust performance attribution module embedded within a flexible investment management platform, Black Mountain provides fund managers and investors with the necessary tools to evaluate the outcomes of different investment strategies.

  • Calculates daily performance for each asset class, sector, and composite
  • Allows comparison between composites and indices, and across any number of dimensions
  • Geometrically links returns in real-time to allow custom date range or period analysis
  • Provides key metrics such as arithmetic/geometric excess return, contribution and active return, allocation, selection and interaction effect, etc.
  • Provides out of the box support for slicing by asset, issuer, strategy, asset class, Moody’s/S&P industry and rating, and country

Key Benefits

Combined with Black Mountain’s intuitive reporting tools, investment managers can create personalized performance attribution views and reports on demand.


  • Provides GIPS compliant time-weighted returns
  • Employs Modified Dietz method using daily valuations, accrued interest and cash flows
  • Handles nuances of loans, including paydowns before settlement, unfunded positions, outstanding adjustments, refinances, and other activities not handled by traditional attribution systems


  • Follows the Brinson-Fachler Method
  • View metrics, such as:
    • Arithmetic/geometric excess return
    • Contribution and active return
    • Allocation, selection and interaction effect
    • FX impacts to returns


  • Compare performance across any number of dimensions
  • Configurable to support sector-based attribution across any security master segment
  • Compare results to any index

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Portfolio Accounting & Agent

Portfolio Accounting & Agent

Transaction processing and accounting for all portfolio investments

  • Provides a system dashboard to prominently display important information such as upcoming or past due activity
  • Offers a simple, intuitive navigation system which means most actions are only one-click away
  • Calculates and persists certain elements of accounting/reporting data so that reports and downstream feeds can be generated quickly on demand
  • Stores transaction details at a granular level allowing lot level reporting and accounting of accruals, principal gains/losses and all related FX components of investments in any currency
  • Offers a “Knowledge Date” solution which allows users to view data in the application, on reports or via API calls as it looked at any given date and time in the past, as well as compare differences between two points in time
  • For Direct Lenders:
    • Offers principal and interest notices for both borrowers and lenders
    • Models complex agreements such as Unitranche structures natively
  • Provides system activity and calculated accounting results through standard PDF reports, exports to Excel, file feeds, or calls to RESTful web APIs

Key Benefits

Our solution utilizes an open and scalable architecture allowing it to integrate with any system.

User-Focused Design

  • Easy access to complete and concise summaries of key business objects such as portfolios, instruments and positions
  • Collapsible sections bring relevant data closer together without scrolling
  • Workspaces allow a user to manage multiple tasks at once
  • When needed, a user can leave a transaction before it is finished and later return to the transaction just as they left it

System Notices / Invoices

  • Notices to borrowers and/or lenders can be generated on demand for a variety of interest and principal-related activity
  • Provides all necessary principal or accrual details to dive into the details of the calculated numbers

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Our Services

In addition to high-quality, configurable software solutions, Black Mountain also offers a range of professional services to support our diverse and rapidly growing client base. Like all of our solutions, these services can be tailored for individual situations or businesses, and are constantly evolving to keep pace with the ever-changing financial services industry.

  • Training Services

    We offer an extensive suite of training services designed for both business and IT users of Black Mountain’s solutions. Whether leveraging Black Mountain to manage portfolios and book trades, or to configure new workflows and flexible dashboards, we have a training program to suit any need or proficiency level.

    Our instructors are expert professionals with intimate knowledge of our products and extensive exposure to the financial industry.

  • Upgrade Services

    Minimize valuable time and resources devoted to upgrading by leveraging our QA Team to test any custom functionality or unique configuration.

    In addition to the normal robust regression testing we perform for every product release, we offer a range of Upgrade Services allowing our clients to stay focused on their business while remaining confident their unique implementation is always thoroughly compatible with any new functionality.

  • Consulting Services

    While implementing Black Mountain’s solutions produces incredible efficiencies and cost savings, the need to constantly refine processes and update tools is a top priority for many of our clients.

    Black Mountain delivers tremendous flexibility to make ongoing improvements and adjustments to key processes, tools and reporting. Our Implementation Specialists are ready to assist with any modifications, whether large or small, to ensure our clients remain efficient and competitive.

  • Relationship Management

    We take pride in delivering only the highest quality service, so we provide every client access to a dedicated Relationship Manager who works to ensure their overall satisfaction with our products and services.

    To ensure the maximum value is received by every Black Mountain client, our Relationship Managers:

    • Provide updates about Black Mountain’s products, services and capabilities
    • Share best-practice solutions and case studies from across our client base
    • Coordinate opportunities for networking, training and other requested services
    • Act as advocates for our clients, accepting feedback for product and service improvements
    • Work to address any challenge or concern raised by our clients


“Black Mountain’s solution provides a window on holdings across the entire $142 billion portfolio and will prove to be instrumental in improving our ability to make decisions and invest with the most accurate data at our fingertips.”

- Paul Thompson, COO, Barings

“While our PMR quarterly report is done in the same way as before we got Black Mountain’s solution, we save inordinate amounts of time when generating portfolio-wide reports because they are now automated. We have more controls around the accuracy of our data. What took hours and hours to complete before now takes very little time.”

- Brian Forde, Vice President, Newstar Financial, INC.

Wasmer, Schroeder & Company used Black Mountain’s solutions to achieve efficiency gains of 80% for its administrative team and 20% for its portfolio managers and traders.

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Fifth Street Finance Corp. used to link more than 30 Excel spreadsheets together and use a shared Outlook calendar to manage forward deals. Now, with Black Mountain’s Research Management Solution, they track forward deals, scheduled board meetings, and via simple integration with Salesforce, their end-to-end deal pipeline.

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