An Easter meal with the homeless of San Diego

Inviting the homeless to an Easter meal at the SD Rescue Mission
Showing their commitment to community development and the homeless, Black Mountain Systems employees helped out with the SD Rescue Mission Easter Meal Outreach effort on Saturday, March 28. The financial software company’s staff attended a short training at 8:30 a.m. before heading out to walk the streets and pass out flyer invitations for the Easter meal hosted later that day. Volunteers, who were divided into groups, also provided breakfast snacks to participants and collected funds to create hygiene packets for later distribution. BMS employees were honored to participate in the effort and looked forward to future outreach events.

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SD Rescue Mission has been in operation for over 50 years, working with thousands of San Diego’s homeless, hungry and poor populations. The organization strives to empower individuals to create better lives for themselves and, as a result, enrich the community through prosperity. By helping clients address the difficulties inherent in homelessness, the nonprofit is able to provide an opportunity for those in need to take control of their lives, find stability and establish a lasting change. SD Rescue Mission hopes that empowered individuals will return to their communities as content, fulfilled people, as well as contributing members of society.

SD Rescue Mission has been in operation for over 50 years. San Diego Rescue Mission is a nonprofit homeless shelter and recovery center.

As one of the more prominent financial technology companies today, operating in the fixed income and alternative asset class industry, Black Mountain Systems recognizes that with privilege comes responsibility. The company will be participating in other programs like this by continuing to demonstrate a commitment to change and its community.