Configuration Corner: Viewing Publication XML Files

Configuration Corner articles are targeted toward IT users and implementors of Everest.

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Being able to view publication XML files allows the checking of outputs from Everest workflows, which is useful for a number of reasons including troubleshooting errors, integrating with third-party systems, or comparing outputs with a test environment prior to upgrading Everest.


Start by navigating to Tools > B2B Activities > Runtime Events > Publications. Use the Event Publications Manager to locate the desired publication by filtering or sorting, then right click and navigate to Request/Response > View Request/Response XML.

This launches the Request & Response XML Viewer, which allows you the choice of either:

  • Viewing both the request and response inside an Everest dialog with XML formatting, or
  • Saving it off to an XML file and opening it in another program

This is extremely useful for seeing how the resulting publication, and (if applicable) what the response/result was from an another system. Depending on the external system, this will also provide error messages or other pertinent information.

In addition, the Everest Object XML that was used to produce the Request XML can be accessed from the Event Publications Manager by navigating to Everest Object > View XML.

Article written by Brent DePuy, Lead Professional Services Engineer, Black Mountain Systems