Data Warehouse

Black Mountain provides you with a tool for historical analysis while relieving you of the storage and security responsibility.


  • Consolidates holdings, security master, and transactional data into a single repository, enabling flexible time-series and point-in-time reporting
  • Centralizes third-party feeds in their native state from any number of systems, enabling single-source, enterprise-wide reporting
  • Provides fully customizable solution allowing base entities to be extended and additional storage structures to be created to meet each customer’s specific needs
  • Stores data with enough granularity to allow for flexible time-series and point-in-time reporting
  • Replaces Excel and email processes with a robust solution
  • Orchestrates and manages processes that involve multiple systems and individuals
  • Allows user to model any workflow and create any dashboard, alert, or report to monitor processes
Available for CLO/Loan Managers, Private Debt Managers, Commercial Bankers, Fixed Income Managers, Alternative Asset Managers, Investment Advisors and Fund of Funds Managers.

Key Benefits

Extract, transform, and load data sets from any number of systems to bring positions, cash, trading, pricing, security master, and index data together according to any end-user specifications.

Data Consolidation

  • Import data from any file type or data source
  • Track original file and results based on ETL modifications
  • Extend the data model without modifying software
  • Capture any number of time series feeds such as intra day, end of day, month end, etc.

Import Strategy

  • Consolidate data from an endless number of systems and data services
  • Transform and normalize the data to enterprise needs
  • Determine the right source for your “gold copy” based on a configurable rules engine

Data Integrity

  • Augment automated feeds with rule-based alerts for data gaps or other anomalies
  • Define rules to limit manual intervention and alert managers when intervention is needed

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“Black Mountain’s solution provides a window on holdings across the entire $142 billion portfolio and will prove to be instrumental in improving our ability to make decisions and invest with the most accurate data at our fingertips.”

- Paul Thompson, COO, Barings

“While our PMR quarterly report is done in the same way as before we got Black Mountain’s solution, we save inordinate amounts of time when generating portfolio-wide reports because they are now automated. We have more controls around the accuracy of our data. What took hours and hours to complete before now takes very little time.”

- Brian Forde, Vice President, Newstar Financial, INC.

Wasmer, Schroeder & Company used Black Mountain’s solutions to achieve efficiency gains of 80% for its administrative team and 20% for its portfolio managers and traders.

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