Investment Accounting

Transaction processing and accounting for all portfolio investments.


  • Tracks and accounts for all investments, with ability to calculate accruals, cash flows, positions, and P&L at a lot level
  • Supports Broadly Syndicated Loans, Private Debt Loans & Bonds, Corporate & Muni Bonds (including Zero Coupon & PIKs), MBS/ABS and other Factored bonds, CLO Debt, Equity, and FX Spots & Forwards, with new asset types being added regularly
  • Utilizes dual record accounting which provides natural cross-checks, preventing things like “hanging receivables” that go unnoticed, resulting in real world lost revenue
  • Provides more accurate FX calculations and wider support for FX hedging strategies than some other loan accounting solutions in the market
  • Offers Knowledge Date as a natural part of the system architecture, which allows a user to understand what the historical data looks like as if you are reporting from the past (without applying current adjustments to past data) or present (with applying current adjustments)
  • Employs open architecture, making it easier to get data in/out of the system (e.g. RESTful web-based APIs)
  • Offers faster report generation by pre-calculating and storing key data points at time of entry instead of during report generation
  • Allows calculation of earned discount/expensed premium at the lot level under the EIR method
  • Integrates flexible reporting directly into the application
Available for CLO/Loan Managers, Private Debt Managers, Commercial Bankers, Fixed Income Managers and Alternative Asset Managers.

Key Benefits

Our solution utilizes an open and scalable architecture allowing it to integrate with any system.

User-Focused Design

  • Easy access to complete and concise summaries of key business objects such as portfolios, instruments and positions
  • Collapsible sections bring relevant data closer together without scrolling
  • Workspaces allow a user to manage multiple tasks at once
  • When needed, a user can leave a transaction before it is finished and later return to the transaction just as they left it

System Notices / Invoices (In Development)

  • Notices to borrowers and/or lenders can be generated on demand for a variety of interest and principal-related activity
  • Provides all necessary principal or accrual details to dive into the details of the calculated numbers

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