Our Latest: Introducing Client User Forums

The past 15 months have been a period of exciting growth for Black Mountain. As we’ve grown from 28 employees to nearly 70, we are presented with a common challenge for businesses experiencing success: how do we provide 35 clients with the same level of service excellence that we provided to the first 5 clients?

Delivering on client needs above all else has always been a vital cornerstone of who we are as a company. An equally important aspect of our culture has been getting to know our clients personally and devoting time to letting our hair down and sharing a drink after a hard day’s work (and that’s certainly not going to change any time soon!)

We’re working to not only stem the tide, but to move beyond our conventional standards. We are expanding and improving communication through our new website, online documentation and this Newsletter. We are soon rolling out new User Training material and Upgrade Services which facilitate faster user adoption of new features and more efficient deployment of Everest releases.

We are also continuing to develop project sponsor and account management services to foster greater consistency and transparency in ongoing client relationships. Internally, we are expanding our systems and support personnel to deliver more timely and accurate service to our growing client base.

Today we present another avenue: our first set of Client User Forums. Planned for April 2013 in New York City, and July 2013 in London, these events represent a new opportunity for engagement, while remaining faithful to our tradition of collaborating with clients and constantly evolving.

As we develop and present forum topics for feedback in the coming weeks, we are committed to providing additional opportunities and platforms for clients to further engage Black Mountain, and each other. We’ve had great success as a company, and we’re looking forward to even greater success by keeping our client’s needs at the very top of our agenda.

Some of the goals for these User Forums include:

Offering interaction with our key leaders – Project Sponsors, Company Directors, Chief Technology Officer, CEO’s and Account Managers
Communication of the strategic direction of Everest as a product, and also of Black Mountain as a company. We want to hear relevant feedback from our clients.
Providing networking and discussion opportunities with colleagues from related industries. Many of these colleagues face challenges similar to yours and also leverage Everest as a solution.
Raising and discussing industry and Everest topics relevant to our client’s businesses.
Providing updates on the most recent advancements for our products and services.

We are excited about offering this new channel of collaboration, and are excited about the opportunity to continue to work synergistically with clients.